Wij zijn Synergique

We are Synergique

Your collection brought to life

We make exhibitions. We create concepts, we develop, design and animate so that every visitor is amazed and affected. Your collection, your story is always the focus.

Enjoy experiences together

Experience invites you to share. We play into the visitor’s experience and emotions. Information streams both alternate with and complement each other. We play with layers (of text) suitable for various target groups and games you play with others or that involve challenges.

Please DO touch

We entice visitors into a tactile experience and surprise them with digital feedback. We use the latest technology, but keep it hidden. Unexpected combinations of technology, materials and physical interactions bring exhibitions to life, make them personal and keep them fascinating.

From passive visitor to active participant

Our designs generate curiosity. Our objective is to turn every spectator into a participant. How? By getting the story of your exhibition, your collection through to the visi – eh, participant, and making them forget the outside world.

Your exhibition starts out on the street

As designers, we think it natural that our exhibitions form a visual feast. An attractive and clear design brings the message across so much more effectively. We are skilled in telling the whole story by linking it to the campaign. Your exhibition starts as soon as the first poster is up.

Curious? We can come by your office and introduce ourselves properly.
info@synergique.nl – 023-2052178

Meet the team

Pepijn Borgwat

Co-owner | Creative Producer | Motion Design
Creating from scratch or translating new concepts clearly is one of Pepijn’s strong qualities. Co-owner of Synergique, Pepijn creates everything from film productions to exhibitions, building on his years of experience as a motion designer.

Let’s talk: pepijn@synergique.nl | Linkedin

Peter Paulussen

Co-owner | Graphic Design | Spatial Design
From collection to experience: Synergique co-owner Peter knows how to reach visitors with a unique design and is a proven sparring partner for creating desired effects. He designs (inter)active exhibitions that make a visit to the museum a full-on experience.

Let’s create: peter@synergique.nl | Linkedin

Annelie Grob

Annelie has considerable experience both as a freelance project manager and concept developer and to date has worked for just about every museum in the area. She finds order in any chaos and has a way of figuring out schedules so that even the Friday afternoon get-togethers begin on time. So, would you like to know about any free slots in our schedule?

Let’s connect: annelie@synergique.nl

Tim de Groot

Animator | Concept Artist
There’s nothing more magical than bringing a still image to life. As an animator, Tim has the ability to bring Synergique exhibitions to life. Through his experience, insight and creativity, Tim gives new perspective to timeless stories. In his work he uses various techniques, from 2D hand-drawn images to stop-motion and digital effects.

Let’s move: tim@synergique.nl

Felicia Iman

Spatial Designer
Felicia graduated in Interior Design from the University of Hasselt and subsequently built up considerable experience in the retail sector. During this time she learned the best ways of optimising a space and also acquired useful experience in routing. This is something that has served her well in designing exhibitions.

Felicia does not think in words, she thinks in images. She translates spaces into concepts and uses imagery to visualise her thoughts, to create order in chaos. She materialises concepts with the right look and feel, so that visitors and users can comfortably navigate the space.

Let’s realise:  felicia@synergique.nl

Eline Postma

Junior Tentoonstellingsmaker
Eline graduated from the Reinwardt Academie in 2022 as a Cultural Heritage professional and has proven herself to be a creative all-rounder with a strong feel for content.

Eline: Creating things makes me happy. I like to conceptualise, visualise, design, illustrate and animate. I enjoy focusing on the bigger picture and at the same time have a good eye for smaller details.

Let’s go:eline@synergique.nl

Job opening

Synergique regularly has space for interns in both Haarlem as well as Maastricht. In Haarlem, we guide mostly Cultural Heritage interns, while interns following a spatial/graphic design course are taken on in Maastricht. If you are interested in an internship with Synergique, mail us your letter and motivation.

Let’s go: stage@synergique.nl

Co-creation works! Once the content and form fuse the right way, something beautiful is created. We are proud to have worked with organisations such as: