Exhibition concepts and design

Synergique designs exhibitions. We develop concepts that are innovative and move people at the same time. Stories are at the heart of all of our designs. Stories that come with an exhibition theme, and stories that people feel when they visit our exhibitions. We want to turn every visitor into a participant, through interaction.

That’s why we always connect exhibition content to human experiences and emotions. We love tackling abstract matter. By challenging ourselves to seek the wonder in anything, we always find a way to move others. As designers, we find it self-evident that our projects have to look gorgeous as well, because stunning and straightforward design makes it so much easier to digest complex information.

We love using modern technology but aren’t big fans of screens, because people are already staring at them, all day long. We’d rather mix clear-cut animations with projection mapping, hide technology using RFID, venture off to augmented reality and bring a sandbox to life. We aim to choose the right medium for strengthening our exhibitions everytime, without it ever becoming a gimmick. And sometimes that happens to result in an elegantly designed booklet. Made out of paper.

Using unexpected combinations of techniques, materials and design, we make exhibitions that are personal and keep you mesmerised.

Meet the team
Pepijn Borgwat

Co-owner | Creative Producer | Motion Design
When Pepijn sets his mind on something, it will be realised. He creates anything from film productions to exhibitions, using his extensive experience as a motion and interaction designer. Together with Peter, he animates, designs and produces Synergique’s projects, projects that take complex concepts and make them accessible to anyone, never seizing to induce wonder. | Linkedin | Twitter

Peter Paulussen

Co-owner | Graphic Design | Illustrations
Graphic design doesn’t stop at a poster, that’s merely it’s starting point. Peter designs interactive exhibition that turn museum visits into true experiences. He also creates Synergique’s characteristic appealing animations, together with Pepijn. He knows how entice a viewer and how to move them, enabling him to turn even an annual report into a pageturner. | Linkedin

Valerie Maas

Graphic Design
Valerie is living and breathing design. From designing a label for a friend’s home brewery in the evenings, and working all day on exhibition panels at the office, to even drawing up new fonts while on holiday. Her passions are book design and typography, she’s inspired by beautiful historic typography and her travels throughout the world. She gives everything she creates her own contemporary twist.

Soon at Synergique…

During your internship at Synergique, you will be working on exhibitions and everything involved, just like the rest of us. We enjoy mentoring interns and love to create space for them. In Haarlem we offer space to a content-driven intern studying at for example the Reinwardt Academy, science communication or multimedia. In Maastricht we have room for an intern specializing in graphic or spatial design.

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