Winter beer festival Haarlem

Face the elements

For those looking to drink specialty beers in Haarlem, the Jopenkerk and café Briljant are the places to be. The well known and regularly awarded Jopen beers are being brewed in the Jopenkerk for some years now, and Briljant has an enormous selection of specialty beers from the Netherlands and abroad. They have organised the annual Winter beer festival together since 2011.

The organisers search the Netherlands for special beers for the event, and a selection of remarkable and lesser known beers is brought to Haarlem. These include names like Erik de Noorman, Schotse IJsbeer, Ware Liefde and Jopens own Houten Haarlemmen; all beers that light a fire in the hearts of true beer fanatics during the cold days before Christmas.



Year: 2011 – 2014
Location: Raaksplein, Haarlem

Heartwarming party

Visitors taste all kinds of beers is cold yet festive Haarlem. They can write down their notes on the specialty beers in the beer fest booklet, enabling them to buy their bottled favourites later on.