Future city

Big date visualised

The project AMS (Advanced Metropolitan Solution) is an ambitious cooperation between a.o. the city of Amsterdam, the TU Delft and Wagening Univeristy & Research. The purpose of the cooperation is finding solutions to the complex problems that the metropolis of Amsterdam has to deal with, now and in the future. Many of the research projects the partners take on are based on collection vast amounts of data, so-called ‘Big Data’.

The research projects can have great impact on inhabitants and visitor of cities like Amsterdam, to increase accessibility and comprehensibility for a bigger audience we ‘translated’ four of these research projects. The complex concepts of the research studies are clearly explained in short animated films, illustrated with real-life examples. The isometric view keeps the image of the city clear, and the iconic animation style ensures a target-oriented information transfer. The alternating animation with filmed footage connects the illustrations with the real world, which is ultimately what the research is about.



Year: 2015
Commissioned by: TU Delft & Wageningen University & Research


Social Glass

Through social media and a range of sensors, a large amount of data on the city is generated every day. Social glass collects and connects this data, exposing pattern that can be used by the municipality, for example to solve parking problems during events more efficiently.

Beautiful noise

Tourism is vital to the city, but can be a nuisance to the city as well. Beautiful noise processes citizen and tourist data and helps the municipality evenly distribute tourist flow over the city.