Rigter! Live

Larger than Life

The charity festival Rigter! Live is organised annually in memory of 3FM-radio dj Wim Rigter, who died in 2004 after suffering esophageal cancer. All famous Dutch (pop)musicians have played the festival the past year to raise money for KiKa, a foundation raising funds for child cancer research. Synergique designed the events stage set, where upscaling was the recurring theme, and gave it the subtitle ‘Larger than life’.

The design went beyond the 2-dimensional plane, with a spatial and an interactive component. The background pattern consisted of the enlarged skin of the elephant from the existing Rigter logo and on stage a giant armchair and lamp were placed, which influenced the scale of the entire space. In addition we also designed a 40 meter long colourful trunk as part of the decor, which connected the stage to the concert hall.



Year: 2012 – 2013
Location: Patronaat, Haarlem


Campaign for KiKa (for Children Cancer-free)

The Rigter Foundation aims to collect funds for the fight against cancer, thanks to Rigter! Live a total of €120.000 was offered to the Dutch Cancer Society and €300.000 was offered to KiKa (Children Cancer-free).

Rigters memory

In the installation ‘Rigters memory’ visitors and musicians could record their memories to Wim Rigter and earlier renditions of the festival, to share them with others. The spatial design (inspired by the shape of a brain) gave an extra dimension to the concept ‘memory’.