Zuiderzeemuseum maquette

For almost 20 years, a large wooden maquette or model has been in storage in the Zuiderseemuseum. Created by a volunteer in the nineteen eighties, this model shows at a glance the size of the outdoor museum and the buildings, houses and bridges located there. After the model was restored, it was set up once more in the renovated Entrance Pavilion of the museum in spring 2023, on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Zuiderzeemuseum. To show visitors how the outdoor museum came to be, we have brought this model to life.

We have placed touchscreens and mechanical controllers around the model, each one linked with its own building on the model. Touching the screen lights up the building in question using projection, and visitors see how the building was moved to Enkhuizen 75 years ago.



Term: march 2023
Year: 2023
Location: Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen


Fotography: Studio Merike, Mike Bink

Start of the visitor’s journey

The model in the Entrance Pavilion prepares visitors for their visit to the Zuiderzeemuseum: we show them where they are going and how the museum was created.

Exceptional stories

There are all kinds of wonderful stories to discover in the model. For example, you can see how the first building was taken down one stone at a time and rebuilt, and how other buildings were transported in their entirety over the water to Enkhuizen on pontoons.

Make the windmill turn

Using the physical controllers around the model, visitors can operate parts of it themselves. They can make the lime kilns fire up, for example, and turn the windmills.

Tiny people, tiny trees, tiny animals

With some small additions, we have given the model a soul: a mix of 19th and 21st century miniature inhabitants, animals and plants are included as part of the general scene.