The New Chapter

A new direction for a centuries old organisation

The Library Zuid-Kennemerland wrote her new policy plan for 2016-2020 based on workshops and interviews with employees on all levels of the organisation. The plan is titled “The New Chapter” and doesn’t just represent innovation, it also stands for the connections the Library seeks with its partners, sustainability and continuing best practices.

We designed a book that represent these values: the cover is made from written off library books. The paper is made out of 100% recycled materials and the chapters of the book are bound with an elastic band, leaving room to add new elements the coming years. Those elements can be annual reports, new insights or policy decisions. For the production of the book (for example printing the pages or laser cutting the cover) we sought out connections with local companies, just like the Library does.



Year: 2016
Print: Damengrafia, Haarlem
Lasercutting: Snijmeesters, Haarlem

“The New Chapter was received with wide spread enthousiasm among the employees. I’m very pleased with it as well, and even my mother loved it.”
Thalia Lips – Marketing manager
Library Zuid-Kennemerland
Core values

The employees are the most important inspiration for the policy plan, that’s why they star in the illustrations.

500 unique covers

We’ve lasercut the covers of written off library books for the policy plan cover. The 500 unique covers represent working sustainably, in materials and in policy.

Content translated to design

The Library has connection, recycling and innovation as core values, so we have made these the startingpoint in our concept and our design. With an open binding, an elastic band, cooperation with local companies and the use of recycled paper and written off library books.

All additions combined

The 2016 policy plan’s visual style (a shooting target!) was the base for both the digital annual report 2015 and for The New Chapter. After the policy plan 2016, we also made an addition to The New Chapter for the policy plan 2017. It’s easily added to the existing booklet, right behind the elastic band, making the complete book an increasingly important policy document throughout the years. The net addition naturally has the same dimensions, materials and style as The New Chapter itself.