Studio RMO

Look, draw and learn in an 18th century art studio

Studio RMO is an interactive family exhibition, staged in an eighteenth-century art studio, where all visitors can become an artist themselves. The exhibition hall is atmospherically decorated with numerous plaster casts of famous Roman and Greek statues from ancient history to stage an artist studio.

The decor, shelving units with museum objects, lighting and wooden panelling suggest that the casts have only just emerged from their crates, making the room even more inspiring to the visitors.

Colour also plays a vital role. Statues were often colourfully decorated in antiquity. At times the original colours of a large plaster relief sculpture in the center of the hall are magically brought back, while at other times it features a more contemporary look.



24 June 2017 – 2 September 2018

18 May 2019 – 30 August 2020

Location: National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden

“Synergique has turned our family exhibition Studio RMO into a feast for the eyes; interior and design strengthen the content and especially appeal to youthful visitors. The poster Synergique has designed contributes strongly to this effect.”
Wim Weijland – Director National Museum of Antiquities
At the drawing table

Everyone can start drawing at the drawing table with instruments like the mirror box. Experience how researchers find traces of pigments on old statues using UV-light and let your imagingation run freely: draw the missing head on a statue or turn a Greek myth into a comic. Go wild!

Drawing booklet

Use the drawing booklet to get going as an artist. Kids (and their parents) take on drawing challenges that make them realise how and why the statues are made, what they mean and what their stories are.


Some of the statues, which have at times been locked up in a depot for years, are being restored on the spot in front of the visitors. Visitors can view the process up close and fire away with their questions to the restorers!