Reade: physical therapy/rheumatology

Animations for patients and their loved ones

Patients often have to do physical therapy after having an accident or when recovering from severe surgery. Physical therapy is also important for improving the quality of life for people suffering from chronic diseases such as rheumatism. Reade is specialised in all kinds of care needed for rheumatology patients and for physical therapy based rehabilitation. Reade’s care professionals develop personal rehabilitation plans together with their patients, aiming for the best possible quality of life.

We developed a series of easy to follow animations to introduce patients to Reade’s care programs. Reade introduces itself in the animations and showcases its personal approach and vast body of specialised knowledge. The animations star a character who is confronted with the consequences of disease or injury, and who is helped by Reade and encouraged to take independent measures to increase her health. The animation are slow paced, information is conveyed in spoken word, written and with images.



Year: 2017, 2018, 2019

“Less paperwork and convenient information for patients of all target groups. That was our main goal. Synergique has made such a translation for us, with patience and an eye for detail. They are an agency that stands out in creativity and flexibility. Professional and pleasant to work with!”
Karin Bax – Marketing & Communication Reade
Recognisable characters and objects

The animations show scenes in the daily lives of Reade’s patients. This makes them recognisable and appealing to the target audience. If, for example, the main character decides to make healthier choices in life, this is shown clearly and effectively.

From waiting room to living room

The animations are meant to support patients, by helping them sort all the different pieces of information they receive. Images, text and voice over reinforce one another. This is giving patients overview over their care program, enabling them to take charge in their own recovery and letting them know they can always go to Reade for support.