More thrilling than the film

The Library takes you to the cinema

Together with the Library Zuid Kennemerland, we started the campaign “More thrilling than the film” to draw more young people into the Library. Book and film interact, emphasizing the power of stories found in the Library. Films are definitely a lot of fun, but a book might be even more thrilling.

The campaign phrase and the commercial crank up the debate and make people curious for more stories. We developed the commercials concept and took care of its production, directions and editing. The ad was shown in theatres for two months, and everyone who joined the Library during this time received a cinema gift card. Posters in the cinema were the campaigns finishing touch.



Year: 2014
Location: Cinema’s in Haarlem

Cinema commercial

The commercial ran from January to March 2014, and was featured before all films in pathé cinema Haarlem.

Making of

The commercial was filmed on location in Enkhuizen, complete with make-up, styling and a darkened room, to create the illusion that the actress is reading late at night.

Print campaign

The cinema commercial is paired with a campaign in print. This visual repetition of the message, comibned with a team of promotors at the cinema exit, gave an extra boost to the campaign.