An exhibition about NORTH HOLLAND’S SOIL

The province of North Holland is home to many geological monuments. You probably won’t be able to name any of them, though you might just be living on top of one. They are elements of the landscape that have formed around the Ice age, such as moraines, dunes and beach walls. These neglected geological monuments are celebrated in the exhibition wEARTHwhile in Museum Hilde’s House.

The exhibition spaced is layered and shows the origins, the threats and the protection of the monuments by displaying hand drawn pictures, relief maps (please do touch) and photographs in the Provincial Atlas and from the North Holland Archives. And for those wanting to alter the landscape themselves, we provided an interactive sandbox, where you can use Augmented Reality to see the effects of changing the landscape right away.



Term: May – September 2015
Location: Museum Hilde’s House, Castricum


Photography: Mike Bink

“Without losing track of constraints, wishes and budget, Synergique developed an exciting exhibtion concept about a complex subject. With the unique AR sandbox as icing on the cake!”
Esther van Velden – Project manager presentation
North Holland Archives
Interactive landscape

Visitors can see the consequences of moraines or extended periods of rain fall on the landscape with this interactive sandbox.

Geological monuments

The province of North Holland took its shape because of nature’s elements, such as wind, water, ice and tides. This video shows the origin and the placement of geological monuments in the province.