Canon anno 2020

How do you do that?! The Canon evaluates

The Canon of the Netherlands was compiled in 2005 and provides a broad account of the entire history of the Netherlands, from 5500 BCE to the year 2000 AD. The new exhibition entitled CANNON ANNO 2020 shows how the 50 historical windows were carefully examined by a new commission. This exhibition gives insight into the many choices, questions and opinions the commission encountered during the evaluation process.

Open questions are presented to the visitor on life-size panels. At the back of these panels is shown how the commission dealt with these questions. In the central display case the commission members introduce themseves personally, and at the end the visitor can get started. The interactive game comprises an educational mix of the complexity and considerations that occur when compiling one’s own mini-canon.



Term: vanaf 22/06/2020
Year: vanaf 2020
Location: Nederlands Openlucht Museum, Arnhem

Photography: Wim de Knegt, Synergique

A whirlwind of activities and things to do

The history of the Netherlands is brought to vivid life through the playful display of important events, relevant images and interaction with the stories.

Stimulating viewpoints

As you enter, you are confronted with a question on the dark panels about the relevance of a subject. The lighter side panels provide a direction for examining a subject from another perspective and forming your opinion.

Build your own Canon

The visitor is challenged to create his or her own Canon window. The number of windows are limited. What subjects will perish? What events are important and must be presented? Each cube comes with a smart sticker, and with it your own result is immediately visible.