A safety net of love


Some good deeds aren’t given the attention they deserve. Anonymous donations and inheritances can be of enormous help, but the help is sometimes received in silence. An example of such in influential estate is the Sint Jacobs Godshuis, the legacy of Lysbeth Jan Bette Heinrixczoons. It started out in 1437 as an accommodation for pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela, but has since transformed into a large charitable organisation which bases it practice on the works of mercy. Throughout the years they have maintained operating in the background.

In this film, we make this invisible safety net visible. Countless citizens of Haarlem and the surrounding area are supported by the Sint Jacobs Godshuis, and we think this deserves more attention. During the production of the film, we have cooperated with young creators in the region, and with the captured footage we will create a number of films about specific projects and locations of Sint Jacobs Godshuis together with them.



Year: 2016
Director: Susanne Opstal


A charitable equity fund

Chairman Herman Moné takes you with him to several location in and around the city and the many initiatives that have come to life with the organisation’s support. Some are well known, such as Stem in the Stad (Voice in the City), others remain unseen by most of the people in Haarlem, such as the Broodkantoor (Bread office).

Screenings throughout Haarlem

Sint Jacobs Godshuis wants to let as many people in Haarlem as possible see the film,
displaying it in special locations and during events, such as in the Sint-Bavokark on the Grote Markt and during Haarlem Cultuurfestival.